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A New Day - Eric Ouimet

Eric Ouimet

A New Day

2021 Silkscreen
18 x 18 in
After Image II - Tony Tascona
Cometron II - Tony Tascona
Crystal - Tony Tascona
Danna - Rita Letendre
December Dot (Black)- Ewa Tarsia

Ewa Tarsia

December Dot

2020 Monoprint
16 x 16 in
Early Morning - Tony Tascona - Unframed
Flotation - Tony Tascona

Tony Tascona

Flotation- Tony Tascona

1988 Serigraph
9.5 x 7.25 in
Jingle Bells - Tony Tascona
Metis Sash - Eric Ouimet
November Dot (Teal) - Ewa Tarsia

Ewa Tarsia

November Dot

2020 Monoprint
16 x 16 in

Ewa Tarsia

October Dot

16 x 16 in
Ribbons - Tony Tascona
September Dot ( Brown ) - Ewa Tarsia

Ewa Tarsia

September Dot

2020 Monoprint
16 x 16 in
Silver Shue By Rita Letendre Print

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