Led Zeppelin - Mothership - 2011

Shepard Fairey's Musical Inspiration

Throughout his career, Shepard Fairey has been paying tribute to some of his favorite music artists using  Canvas, silkscreen and letterpress. Music artists have asked him to create album covers and concert posters in his distinctive style.

This current collection features work spanning 20 years. Some rare, some unique. Punk Rock, Hip Hop as well as New wave and Americana. These musical artists helped form Fairey's art ethos.

In 2020 Fairey released a playlist to Spotify including tracks by some of the artists shown below. Have a listen while you browse these prints come from a long time collector and are now available for purchase for a limited time at Edition 1.

Friendship and Support - Shepard Fairey
The End - Black Sabbath - Shepard Fairey

Friendship and Support was released 2014

Friendship and Support celebrate's George Harrison and the Concert For Bangladesh. This print was created for the George Harrison Fund in partnership with UNICEF. Released as a Red and Silver versions. Red available on Obeygiant.com and Silver on George Harrison's website. In a statement, Fairey recalled how his parents introduced him to the Beatles. “I got George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass album a long time ago, but even as a kid listening to the radio I reacted very emotionally to the song ‘My Sweet Lord,'” he wrote. “The song has a profound beauty and melancholy that is unique and powerful. I love George’s solo material musically, but what speaks to me most about George’s music and actions is his humanity and his soulfulness…." - Shepard Fairey on George Harrison Poster: ‘George Is a Hero


Black Sabbath - The End - Red edition - released 2016

A lifelong fan of Black Sabbath. Fairey was asked to create the poster and T-shirt for Black Sabbath's final tour. Throughout his career Fairey, his paid tribute to one of his favorite bands multiple times.

This print was released as a 18 x 24 inch screen print on cream speckletone paper. Signed and numbered from an edition of 325 on the Obeygiant.com website.

Billy Idol - Shepard Fairey - 2015
Top Petty: Canvas - Shepard Fairey - 2018

Billy Idol - Kings & Queens of the Underground

Fairey's illustration of Billy is based on one of photographer Michael Muller portraits, which he incorporated into this poster to accompany the “Kings & Queens of the Underground” album and tour.

According to Shepard "I have been fortunate to work with Billy Idol on several creative projects including his “Devil’s Playground” album package and his “Idolize Yourself” greatest hits package. Billy invited me once again to help with the art for his most recent album “Kings & Queens of the Underground.”

This 18 x 24 inch screen print is from a numbered edition of 400. Metallic silver ink on grey stock. Signed by Shepard Fairey and released in 2015


Tom Petty: Canvas

Fairey is a lifelong fan of Tom Petty, first introduced to his music at the age of 9. Shepard was fortunate enough to work with Petty on multiple projects before his tragic passing.

This illustration is based on the iconic photograph shot by Mark Seliger and was  Illustrated at the request of Adria Petty for the cover of her father's "Tom Perry: An American Treasure" box set.

18 x 24, Signed by Shepard Fairey and released on obeygiant.com in 2018