Suzie Smith

Suzie Smith is an artist who works with printmaking and design that expands into sculpture, installation and video. Her work often incorporates the deconstruction and transformation of objects and materials in an attempt to create new or multiple meanings. Smith often creates systems and structures for her process that act as a tool to build, take apart and push against. In addition to her own practice she is a founding member of Parameter Press.

"My art practice focuses on the idea of transformation. Through deconstructing and reconstructing familiar objects, I attempt to reveal a new truth, perspective, or double meaning. It is about looking at the world around me and trying to find a way to reconstruct elements to better reflect what I want to see, often looking at issues of value, labour, and the homemade. Physically my work incorporates multiples and involves processes of flattening and pattern making. It looks at imperfection within ordered systems and is about the process of making just as much as the final product." - Suzie Smith

Edition1 Artist

Bob’s unique method of imposing a fractured and informal grid to his compositions creates the framework into which he weaves hues that shift and morph with sharp transitions.

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