Peter McConville

Peter McConville was born in Banbridge, Northern Ireland in 1951. At fifteen he began his career as an artist in one of Ireland's textile print companies. The position offered professional art employment as well as the opportunity to study fine art and design. His earlier artworks were displayed in Belfast as part of juried exhibits. Northern Ireland's history, rich with culture and scarred with conflict, was a common subject within his earlier work. Peter brings his textile design experience into his current artistic process through the method of reducing his environment into stylized, solid shapes in vibrant, saturated colours. The finished canvas appears to sparkle with his unique method of applying dot patterns throughout the composition, creating surreal, dreamlike images of the Canadian landscape. In his words, "The fallen leaves and dead woods feed the forest a reminder of the cycle of life. When I look into the forest, it reveals a wonderful range of deep, rich colours. The bright orange, red and green leaves found in the forest make up a natural, complementary palette." Peter has exhibited his works in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary and his work can be found in many corporate and private Canadian collections, including RBC, Great West Life, Bison Transport and Investor’s Group.

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Edition1 Artist

Bob’s unique method of imposing a fractured and informal grid to his compositions creates the framework into which he weaves hues that shift and morph with sharp transitions.

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